Monday, December 13, 2010

Recently, I've been dating a guy with a cat. This cat (Zoey) and I have provided endless amusement to each other- she loves to sit and watch me knit, her head moving back a forth following my hands, and I get quite a kick out of watching her!

The other day, I learned that cats can make a toy out of anything- I heard some rustling, then she pulled something out of my project bag. It wasn't yarn; it wasn't knitting needles- it was a Clover Knitting Needle Wrapper! Apparently, it makes the perfect toy!

"Hmmm- I really like this new toy I stole from that human..."

"I'd better find somewhere safe to hide with it, though...."

"This kind of works, but I feel a little exposed...."

"Perfect! No one can see me or my new toy now!"

Zoey was tumbling around the apartment with that wrapper for 20 minutes straight. Every time we get it out, she goes nuts! When we went to bed, we had to take it away from her so she wouldn't play with it all night and keep us up!

In conclusion: If you want to keep a cat away from your knitting, give it a knitting needle wrapper!

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  1. Too cute - my cats steal all sorts of things to use as "toys"