Monday, December 20, 2010

Cat Fortress...

At least, that’s what it was supposed to be…I got a Knitpicks order in the mail last week, and told the boyfriend I was bringing over a new box for his cat to play with. One thing led to another, and somehow, we ended up building a cat fortress! It has entrances and windows on each level, as well as holes between the levels so Zoey can climb up. However, she doesn’t really seem to get this concept, and prefers to just hang out in the bottom box. So much for all of our construction efforts, although at least we had fun building it! I think I may be turning into a cat person…

We also went ice skating. No pictures from that, because we weren’t supposed to have cameras on the ice, and it was dangerous enough without being distracted! They way over-sold tickets, so there were about a million people on the ice. There were also a couple of birthday parties going on, meaning there were little kids on ice skates careening everywhere. I’m not exactly a skilled ice skater, so these obstacles were quite a challenge. I did, however, learn how to make quite a graceful spin when turning around was the only way to avoid slamming into a small child. I also didn’t fall on the ice, although there was some crashing into walls.

I also discovered a new yarn shop. I got rather frustrated with my old, closer yarn shop on Thursday. They’re only open past 6:00 one day a week, and since I’ve been spending the weekends in another city with the boyfriend, that one day is the only time I can get there. We had a big of snow on Thursday, so I called them before heading out there to make sure they weren’t closing early. They said they weren’t, and I braved traffic and icy roads to get that one extra skein of yarn I needed for my Christmas knitting. It was not a fun trip. I arrived and- lo and behold- there was a closed sign on the door. I was not a happy girl.

Waiting until this coming Thursday (2 days before Christmas!) to get the skein I needed was not an option, so I decided to look for a yarn shop in Northern Virginia, where I was spending the weekend. I found Fibre Space and wow, is it amazing! Not only do they have all sorts of my favorite yarns (Cascade 220 Superwash, Malabrigo Lace, almost the entire Berroco line, etc), they also have some brands that you usually don’t see in stores, such as Miss Babs, Dragonfly Fibers, and the Sanguine Gryphon. I also got to see Dream In Color Starry in person, and fell in love. My only complaint, small though it is, is that they’re a bag-free shop. This wasn’t a huge deal when I was buying one skein of yarn, but it might have been problematic if I were buying more.

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  1. Your cat house is hysterical. MINE would LOVE it. THey are getting a kitty cabin in cardboard this year ..... I cannot wait to give it to them. I know the deaf one, Radar, will steal it and hog it from the others!