Thursday, December 16, 2010

FO: Just Enough Ruffles Scarf

Well, I promised you FO posts, and then…life interfered. And then I misplaced the pictures. But now I have taken more pictures, and am ready to talk about knitting again! So onto my pretty Just Enough Ruffles scarf:

I bought this pattern awhile ago, but just wasn't inspired to knit it. I later bought three skeins Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Fuchsia with the intention of making a scarf and hat set out of it. You know how sometimes a yarn just "speaks" to you and tells you what it wants to be? When I opened the package and saw the yarn, I knew it wanted to be the ruffles scarf, and I cast on almost immediately. It was really slow going towards the end (600 stitches on that ruffle!), but totally worth it for the finished project- so pretty and elegant and (surprise!) ruffle-y!

The pattern was very well written and so easy to understand. The short rows to make it a little curved are a brilliant idea- I never would have thought to design the scarf like that, but they really work perfectly. The pattern is also really reasonably priced at $3.50. I generally avoid buying patterns that require you to pay for them, as I prefer to look at the pattern before I decide whether to knit it- not being able to see the pattern means I'd be buying it before I was even sure I'd want to make it! However, there's nothing complicated going on with this pattern to scare me away, and $3.50 is really not all that expensive- plus, when I bought it, half the profits went to helping with the Haiti disaster.

I love love love working with Ultra Alpaca. It's definitely one of my favorite yarns. It's fairly soft, but has enough texture to make knitting with it so much fun!

Pattern: Just Enough Ruffles

Needles: Size 9 Knitpicks Interchangeable (Also, I loved that the cable was almost the same color as my yarn!)

Yarn: Berrocco Ultra Alpaca

Colorway: Fuchsia (6325) (Also, I had to look up how to spell fuchsia- seriously, does that LOOK like it's pronounced few-sha?)

Modifications: None- the pattern was perfect as written!

The Verdict: I love this scarf. It's soft and feminine and ruffle-y, but the color is also a bold choice, and should be a gorgeous pop of color in the winter.* It's a tiny bit itchy, but not enough to prevent me from wearing it.

*I buy plain gray, black, or brown coats, so that I can wear fun accessories without clashing. As much as I covet some of those gorgeous red coats, I do not own one for this reason.

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