Saturday, December 26, 2009

Forgotten Present and a Movie

I am so mad at myself, people. So very mad. Remember this cute little bag, my very first felting project? I've been working on hand-sewing beads all over that sucker. Dad, working in the emergency room, had to work until 5:30 pm on Christmas, so I was going to have all day on Christmas to finish beading it. All day! It was turning out so beautifully, too! Then I was going to stick it in a pretty box and watch Mom's face light up when she opened it. I apparently left the damn thing behind in Maryland when I was packing. I am furious at myself. I mean, sure, she's okay with getting the present later, but I was really excited about it, because it was turning out so well! Grrr.....

Instead of spending the whole day beading (since I didn't actually have the materials)(grr again), Mom suggested we go to the movies. We went to see Avatar. Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, go. Right now. It was absolutely freaking fantastic. I'm not so sure that the 3D part was necessary- I was having a little trouble focusing on it, and it was an extra $3:50 a ticket!- but the story was incredible. There really wasn't a dull moment at all. It wasn't really a kids movie, as I was afraid it would be. It does some really good character development, and has a great plot. The visuals were also amazing. It wasn't like they just made the forest look like another Earth; rather, they created entirely new, beautiful organisms from scratch. Additionally, unlike in Beowulf where the characters moved a little jerkily, the computer-generated characters here were smooth and life-like. My poor mother made a mad dash for the bathroom as soon as it was over, because she had really had to go but didn't want to miss a second of the show. I don't want to say any more without giving it away, but really- go see it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

All Snowed In

We got 17 inches of snow yesterday. That is a lot of snow, people. Alright, maybe not to folks from way up North, but to someone who's only ever seen a couple of inches at a time, that is a lot of snow.

I'm trapped at my grandparent's house (the rapid move-out from my apartment is a story for another time). While I am bored out of my mind, I am, at least, enjoying the scenery outside.

I have to say, I'm pretty damn impressed by the icicles:

This is the back deck. Note that the snow is higher than the seats of the chairs:

I am amazed at the way that cars got snowed in:

I'd never actually seen a snow plow at work before:

Doesn't it look like these plants should be coming up from a dune, rather than a snow mound?

I also took several pictures of the prettyness on my walk:

Friday, December 18, 2009

FO: Red Scarves

I finished knitting for the Red Scarf Project at the very last minute. I actually finished up the second scarf the morning of the 15th, which was the deadline. This is why I didn't manage to get any good FO pictures. I did, however, snap a quick picture of the box:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dog Update

I showed you Ani, but anyone wonder what's been happening with Mia and Napoleon? No? Well, either way, they've been looking pretty adorable lately.

My mother's latest fix for Napoleon's constant-freezingness is a hooded sweatshirt:

Yes, it looks ridiculous, but at least he seems to be a little warmer. Here's a side view:

And for anyone who is fooled by that innocent looking face, this is what the vets have to do every time Napoleon visits:

He tends to lunge for hands, throats, or whatever he can get to. He was banned from PetSmart Grooming after we tried taking him to get his nails clipped there once. My mother bought the muzzle in hopes that she can cut his nails herself at home.

In Mia news....

She's been working on her begging skills:

She's staring hopefully and longingly at my mother's food. I'm surprised she doesn't get a crick in her neck!

Here's a close-up of those pretty brown eyes. Notice the nice bow; she had just gotten back from the groomer when the picture was taken:

She is very satisfied after she is indulged with a snack:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At least someone appreciates my knitting...

My boyfriend may not overly appreciate my knitting, but his dog sure does. I'd show you a better picture of the shawl, but Anika here (Ani for short) just did not want to be moved!

Hiding her face from the camera, or burying it in the shawl for comfort- I'm not sure which one it is!

A book, a cell phone, and comfortable knitting- she's a pretty lucky dog right there!