Monday, December 20, 2010

FO: Traveling Woman

I've had this pattern queued for awhile, but it looks so complicated- I was kind of afraid to take it on! Finally, however, I bit the bullet and cast on- and it was so much easier than I expected! I messed up the stitch count a couple of times on the stockinette part, but that was completely my fault because I wasn't paying enough attention- it had nothing to do with the pattern. The patterned, lacy part at the bottom was easy, too- the charts were nice and big, and so easy to follow!

This is a great yarn. It seems really sturdy, and has great stitch definition. I'd definitely knit with it again. I also love the color- it's a nice, bright purple.

Pattern: Traveling Woman

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino

Colorway: Purple

Needles: US6

Mods: None

The Verdict: I am very pleased with the result of this! I think I may make more shawls in this pattern, possible in heavier weights for a larger shawl.

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