Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FO: Crow Prints Shawl

I was so excited to find Schoppel Wolle Zauberball at my LYS. I wanted to make a triangular shawl with it, because I thought the long color changes would look gorgeous knit up like that. This was the second pattern I tried, and it worked out perfectly! The pattern is so incredibly easy to knit, and the charts are really easy to follow. Using a self-striping yarn adds a lot of interest without a lot of work. This is also a perfect pattern for a yarn like this, because it made the stripes form really pretty waves of color.

The pattern called for US 10.5 needles, but didn’t actually give me gauge info. 10.5 seemed way too big. I used US 10 instead, and that seemed to be exactly what I needed.

I really wanted to use as much of the yarn as possible. I ended up knitting an extra repeat of the body chart. The pattern suggested that I might add a knit row between each row of the edge chart, as well, which I also did. I tried to add another extra knit row at the end, too, but I ran out during the cast off and had to unravel a bit.

Pattern: Crow Prints Shawl

Yarn: Schoppel Wolle Zauberball

Colorway: Blackberry

Needles: US 10

Knit For: Me

Mods: Extra body chart repeat; Added knit row between each row of the edge chart

The Verdict: I love it!

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