Saturday, January 22, 2011

FO: Lavalette

I bought this yarn on impulse from Dizzy Sheep’s Labor Day Spinoff. I wasn’t really in a sock-knitting mood, so I decided to use it for a shawlette. I picked the Lavalette shawl. Although the pattern is intended for laceweight yarn, I saw that someone else had used Berocco Sox Metallic, and it was gorgeous. I decided to do the same.

The pattern was really simple. It alternates stockinette portions with sections of yo, K2tog. This does beautiful things with the color variations in the yarns.

The yarn feels fairly durable, and I bet it would make great socks. The colors are so bright and pretty, and it has sparkles! (Sparkles are always a plus in my book!)

Pattern: Lavalette

Yarn: Berroco Sox Metallic

Colorway: Acai

Needles: US7

The Verdict: I really like the finish project. The pattern is simple enough to show off the yarn, while having enough going on to keep me interested. It’s also nice and cheerful-looking!

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  1. Love the shawl and the Berroco Sox Metallic is gorgeous I just love there colours. We dont get that kind of yarn here in Australia.