Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cat Meets Dog

This weekend, my parents were moving my brother back up to college for the Spring Semester. They didn’t want to leave the dog alone, so they brought her along. However, my brother was moving off campus and into an apartment, and they needed to go furniture shopping, and that is a little bit difficult to do with the dog! Since my boyfriend’s apartment isn’t that far away from my brother’s (about 30 minutes), I offered to dogsit Mia while they did their shopping. I had to bring her back to the boyfriend’s apartment because I’m not allowed to have animals in mine.

It was wonderful. I got to spend some time with my beloved, much-missed fluffball, and she was thrilled to see me, too. She was really exhausted from the stress of travelling, and promptly collapsed on the couch next to me.

Zoey, the boyfriend’s cat, had never met a dog before. She didn’t quite understand what this thing in her apartment was. She sat on the ground in front of the couch, wide-eyed, tilting her head this way and that to get different views of Mia. She opened her mouth to better smell the fluffy white thing. She then cautiously reached out a paw, touched the dog, and quickly withdrew the paw. Mia would occasionally open an eye and look at her, then go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of this adorable interaction, although I did get one of them when we put Zoey next to her on the couch:

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