Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Knitting Goals

Ali, over at Skeins Her Way, is encouraging everyone to set summer knitting goals! Seeing as I suck at getting around to setting goals by myself, it seems like a good idea to participate at someone else's behest. Plus, there are a ton of really awesome prizes- and I am all about the prizes. So, onward to the goals:

  1. I want to knit a sweater that FITS me. I was heartbroken once I got my Broken Rib Tank all seamed up, and it was too small! It fits my mother perfectly, though, so at least someone is wearing it. I think I'm mostly going to concentrate on in-the-round, top-down patterns in order to achieve this goal, and I have my eye on this one.
  2. I'd like to get going on some Christmas knitting. Sure, all of my non-knitting friends think I'm frickin' crazy to be thinking about Christmas in the summer, but knitting for Christmas takes time, and I don't want to be rushed and unhappy with the finished products.
  3. I want to post here more regularly. On the off-chance that people do follow a link and get here, I'd like to provide them with some content that's not two weeks old.

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