Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am not a yarn snob.

Yarn snob (yärn snôb): n. Someone who will only use yarn from the fanciest brands made of all natural (and generally expensive) fibers.

I can't afford to be a yarn snob. It's expensive! Besides, there are some perfectly nice, less expensive yarns out there too. I even (*gasp*) like working with some acrylic blends! Which is why I'm currently knitting with this:

Yarn snobs, avert your eyes: This is TLC Cotton Plus in medium blue, which I bought at A.C. Moore for the nice, cheap price of $3.99 a skein, and it's 49% acrylic. I'm using it to knit the St. James Sweater:

The pattern calls for Cascade 220, but there is absolutely no way I'm knitting a shirt that I intend to wear in the summer out of 100% wool. This seems like a nice alternative, and so far it's working up well. I've finished knitting the yoke, but I still have a ways to go.

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