Thursday, June 25, 2009

Progress and Unprogress*

Let' start with the bad news first, shall we? The Nine-to-Five socks and I are having some…problems. You see, the pattern says to knit the heel flap for 36 rows- "or about 2.5 inches." My 36 rows were nowhere near 2.5 inches- so I kept knitting until I got there. Then, when I picked up the stitches, of course, I had to pick up way more to accommodate all of those extra rows. So I picked up the stitches, and kept knitting along- I got about to the point where the sock actually starts to look like a sock:

By this point, however, I couldn't deny it- the heel/foot opening was way too huge. See?

I should have just knit the 36 rows and stopped, ignoring the measurement. I have now ripped back to the cuff, but I'm frustrated with the sock, and I think that it and I need to take a break. It is currently sitting in a corner, thinking about what it has done.

And now on to the good news- my St. James sweater has reached the point where it's actually starting to look like a sweater! I love this part of top-down sweaters. It's very rewarding. And, to make matters even better- I tried it on, and so far it fits! No boob stretchage!

*Yes, I know that "unprogress" is not an actual word. But it really seemed the most appropriate way to say "reverse progress" without using two words.

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  1. I have been there and done that.I probably have a few that are sitting and waiting to be finished. Anyway, I love the color. The sweater is coming along nicely♥