Sunday, May 10, 2009

FO: Cabled Coffee Cup Cozy (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Mom drinks a ton of coffee from Starbucks, and I thought that she could use a nice accessory for that. It's washable and more environmentally-friendly than a disposable paper cuff.

She said she didn't need anything, but I felt that it would be appropriate to at least make her something small.

I would have suck a Starbucks gift card inside, but that's the gift that my brother always gives her (yep, the same thing for every holiday), and I didn't want to step on his territory, so instead I filled it with some dark chocolate Hershey's kisses (her favorite).

I like the way it turned out. The pattern is Cabled Coffee Cuff (rav link). The cables were enough to keep me interested, without being overly complicated.

I knit it in Paton's Kroy Socks 4 ply in the Winter Eclipse colorway. My only complaint was that there were a few less=dyed spots in the places where the color changed, which is something that I haven't found in the other multi-colored Paton's yarns that I've used.

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