Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Discovery Day

Every year, the school has "Discovery Days" in which students who have been accepted can come and check out the school. However, they don't bother making accommodations to decrease the problems this causes for actual students who already go here. We're late for classes, because we can't get past huge tour groups blocking the sidewalk. Traffic sucks. We've even been asked not to eat in the dining hall, because it will be full of prospective students. If you're going to make me buy a meal plan, the least you can do is let me use it!

However, today wasn't all bad- I got an exciting package! My order from arrived! I can't wait to dive into all of the yarny goodness!

I was really impressed with the company. I placed my order Sunday evening, and it shipped out on Monday. It arrived in the mail today. That's really fast service! The shipping was a little expensive ($10.20), but that's because Elann is a Canadian company and that's international shipping. Their prices are so low that it's still cheaper to buy from them, even with the shipping.

I was also impressed by the packaging. The yarn was in a plastic bag to avoid water damage (you never know what can happen with the post office!) Everything arrived intact. It even arrived at the right address! (Companies seem to have a tendency to confuse my shipping and billing addresses).

I ordered the Elann Luna in Caramel. It's destined to be a Provence Broken Rib Tank. The Elann Esprit is in African Violet, and will be the Thira Halter. I think the sock yarn will be Spring Cable Socks. I've already swatched for the Provence (the swatch is drying- it shrank with washing, rather than grew- I couldn't believe it!). I need to decide whether to cast on for the socks or the tank first. Also, apparently my spell checker doesn't like the word "swatched." It is too a word!

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