Friday, June 17, 2011

FO: Summer Mystery Shawlette

I decided to participate in WendyKnits' free mystery knit along this summer- the Summer Mystery Shawlette. Although I finished the project on June 2nd, I've just now gotten around to taking pictures.

Basically, Wendy posted a series of "clues," each one containing a chart with the next piece of the project. I suppose it was a little bit of a risk, knitting something when I didn't know what the finished product would look like- what if I didn't like it? However, I've knit Wendy's shawls before, and I love her work, so I figured it couldn't be too awful!

I picked a skein of Malabrigo Sock in Impressionist sky out of my stash. It has only a very subtle variation of blues, so I knew that it would make the lace pattern stand out really well. I also love working with Malabrigo so much- it's so soft! Here's what it looked like before blocking:

I got a little behind on the clues when I went on vacation, but caught up and finished the last clue the day it was released.

I love the finished object- it's gorgeous! The blue is just perfect to go with a lot of different outfits, and the lace pattern is really pretty. I knew Wendy wouldn't steer me wrong! The construction of the shawl is pretty neat, too- most triangle shawls are knit from the top down, but this one is bottom-up, meaning that you do all of those tortuously long rows first, making your progress seem to fly at the end. This is also my fourth shawl in 11 Shawls 2011.

This was my first knit-a-long, and I really enjoyed it. It was really cool to be working on the same project as so many other people, and to see their progress and compare it with my own. Additionally, it provided a LOT of pattern support- if anyone had a problem, so many other people had been working on the shawl that they had already figured out the solution! I definitely look forward to another knit-a-long in the future.

Pattern: Summer Mystery Shawlette
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Colorway: Impressionist Sky
Needles: US7 for the body, US9 for the cast-on.
Yardage: 300 yards
Dimensions: 49 inches across, 17.25 down the spine

This has been a part of Tami's Amis' Finished Object Friday. Go check out her links and see what everyone else is working on!


  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I just might have to knit one for myself.

  2. This was my FO this week too! I love yours - Malabrigo lace is next on my list for stash building. Its been a great project :-)

  3. This was a few FOs this week! Looks like everyone did an amazing job and loved the KAL and pattern! It's gorgeous and I love love love the color! I'm dying for a skein of Malabrigo sock!

  4. Absolutely lovely!! A few people are doing these and it is so cool to see in different yarns.

  5. It's GORGEOUS. I love the subtle variation in color for a lace shawl, it makes things interesting without losing the intricacy of the stitch patterns. I hope you find lots of opportunities to wear and enjoy this lovely piece.

  6. That blue is really gorgeous. I am always amazed at much blocking changes lace.

    I have yet to complete a KAL. I gave up on them a while back. Maybe I'll try again some day.

    You've done a great job.

  7. What a beautiful shawl!! I'm seeing so many lately, it's getting mighty tempting to start one myself. Must. . . Resist. . . Peer pressure. . .

  8. Wow, the blocking really worked its magic on this one! And it's gorgeous, it drapes so nicely on you.