Friday, June 24, 2011

FO: Revontuli Shawl

This is my second entry for 11 Shawls 2011. I’m kind of proud of myself that I finished it so quickly after the first! It sure took me long enough to post it, though, seeing as I finished it in March!

I originally tried to knit this shawl in Paton’s Lace, but had some issues with the yarn and restarted with Kauni. I love the way this turned out. It’s beautiful and drapey, and the way the pattern makes the yarn stripes zig-zag looks so cool. I can definitely see myself making another Revontuli in the future.

I was less impressed with the yarn. Sure, Kauni looks really nice, and I love the long color repeats. However, it’s really not that soft and there was a lot of vegetable matter in it. I got a splinter from knitting with it! It also varied a lot in thickness throughout the skein, from a lace weight to almost a sport weight. I found this really frustrating, as it was hard to pick needles that suited the project.

I tried doing my normal stretchy bind-off, but I ran out of yarn and had to use a regular bind-off (but went up 2 needle sizes) in order to work with the yarn I had.

Pattern: Revontuli

Yarn: Kauni Effekt

Yardage: 652.6 yards (596.74 meters)

Needles: US8

Yardage: 652 yards

The Verdict: I loved the pattern, but I don’t know that I would knit with the yarn again.

This has been a part of Tami's Amis' Finished Object Friday. Go check out her links and see what everyone else is working on!


  1. hmmm. The Kauni sounds almost like Noro. The shawl looks fabulous though!

  2. Beautiful shawl, the stripes work so wel in the pattern :)

  3. The colour is gorgeous. That shawl is definitely going in my queue

  4. Very lovely! I've been wanting some Kauni for ages so I can make beautiful shawls like this one!

  5. Your shawl looks wonderful, the long colour repeats are great, shame the yarn is iffy though

  6. I can totally see why Patons Lace would be good for that pattern. What were the issues with it?

    I'm sorry to hear the problems with the yarn you ended up using. I had no idea you could get a splinter from yarn. :(
    If it's any consolation, the shawl is gorgeous!

  7. Those colours! And the shape of the shawl! Lovely. (Sorry about the troublesomenes of the yarn, though. A splinter?! Yikes.)

  8. I've always wanted to make that shawl, I will someday!