Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FO: Seriously Simple Shawl (Sparkly, Dressy Version)

Wendyknits posted this shawl on her blog, and I simply couldn't resist- I had to make one! I did not, however, have 600 yards of any one fingering-weight yarn in my stash, so I needed to order some. Universal Yarn Star Light was only $6 for a 300-yard ball, making for a $12 project- score! It was also sparkly- how could I resist?

The shawl was fairly easy, if you paid enough attention to it. The chart really laid it out very well, and was so easy to follow! I had the most problem with the zigzag pattern at the bottom, but so long as I didn't get distracted, I was fine.

The yarn was fairly easy to work with, but a little difficult to frog. Nothing nearly as difficult as frogging pure mohair, though.

I wasn't sure how it would block out, being acrylic and all, but I was pleasantly surprised. My boyfriend called it my bat shawl, because when I pinned it out it looked rather batlike, and was, of course, black. Maybe I could see it- if the bat managed to get into a jar of glitter.

Pattern: Seriously Simple Shawl

Yarn: Universal Yarn Star Light

Colorway: Black

Needles: Size 6

Made For: Me

The Verdict: I love it. It's so soft and sparkly! I have no clue where I'm going to wear it, but I'll find someplace!

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  1. I have been eying Wendy's shawls for awhile now. Maybe I will give it a try. This turned out very beautiful♥