Sunday, August 15, 2010

FO: Ballybrae Clutch

I decided that I needed to make a nice small clutch to go with the beret. The Ballybrae clutch totally fit the bill. It's nice and small, and I had enough yarn left over from the beret to use the same yarn, which meant that it would be a perfect match.

The construction of the purse is rather unique- you make almost an upside-down T. You then fold the sides of the T inward to meet each other, and sew the seams. This creates a seam across the bottom and down the front. I know it's really hard to picture; taking a look at the pattern might help you understand better. I'm not sure how I feel about the construction, as I don't really like having the seam down the front, even if it is mostly covered by the flap.

For a closure, I saw the button on sale for 50% off at the Fabric store, and it seemed perfect for a Black & White color swap. I lined it with a nice daisy print white and black fabric.

Pattern: Ballybrae Soft Clutch

Yarn: Valley Yarns Northhampton

Colorway: White

Needles: Size 3 Circulars

Made for: Montly Color Swap (July: Black & White)

The Verdict: I'm fairly pleased with the finished result, but not thrilled- I'm not a fan of the seam down the front, and I wish it were a little less floppy (really, for a worsted weight yarn knit on size three needles, I was expecting it to be a little stiffer). Overall, though, I think it's definitely a nice purse and should please the recipient.

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