Friday, August 5, 2011

FO: Spring Meadow Socks

As some of you may remember from last week’s Work in Progress Wednesday, I had been working on some nice, basic, top-down socks. I started them ages ago, forgot about them, and recently rediscovered them. Since then, I've finished them!

I love self-striping yarns- you get such a complicated-looking effect for very little effort. I do try to use the stripes to match up the socks, too- for example, I make sure to start the toe at the beginning of the pink part on both socks.

I think I made these socks a tad too small, but they’ll stretch. I really like the colors, and the way the pink stands out against the pale green and blue flecks. I can’t wait until the weather is cool enough for me to wear them!

I have made this pattern so many times that I barely have to look at it when I’m knitting socks. I do glance at it to double-check and make sure I’m turning the heel and doing the kitchener stitch properly, but I’ve pretty much got the rest of it memorized. It’s a nice, simple pattern that really makes striped sock yarn stand out!

Pattern: Silver’s Sock Class: One Sock on Four Double-Pointed Needles

Yarn: Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn

Colorway: Chili (at least I think it is- I don’t seem to have the ball band anymore, and this color online looks similar to what I have)

Needles: US2 DPNs

Ravelry Project Page

The Verdict: Obviously, I love this pattern- I’ve made it several times already. I also love the yarn, and in fact have a pair of socks in Serenity Sock Yarn in another colorway on the needles now. So, I think it goes without saying that I will use both the yarn and the pattern again. I really do want to stress that Silver’s Sock Class is the best place to go if you’re new at top-down socks and want to learn how to knit them. I knit my very first socks using her tutorial, and I have returned again and again. She has really detailed pictures showing you exactly what you need to do, and breaks it down into tiny little steps.

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  1. They look great!!! I love how you matched up the stripes!

  2. Your socks are great!

  3. They look great - the colours really go together, and the stripes work so well!

  4. I love the sock photo shoot!! Those colors just make me smile!

  5. Congratulations on the finish! I love the socks. You did a GREAT job getting the stripes to match up!

  6. Those look cozy! I love the colours. Nice!

  7. The socks look lovely! Great job matching up stripes. That's always a pain in the butt.

  8. Cool socks and how clever are you matching up the stripes?!! Well done!

  9. Oh wow, that yarn striped up beautifully! I can't stop staring at them, the colours and neatness and pretty, simple rib are all just perfect. I especially love the way the stripes split at the heel. I hope you get a cold snap soon so you can wear them comfortably!

  10. They look great!! Similar to the pattern I'm using (and the same yarn) -- you did a much better job lining up the stripes than I did. :)