Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've been working on three of projects this week: The Alison shawl (yes, I picked it up again after many months hibernation!) my nice, simple pink and green socks, and the Summer Flies shawlette.

You don't get to see any of the Alison shawl today, because I finished it! It will be part of an FO Friday post at some point....once I get it photographed!

The socks are almost done. I am about half-way through the foot of the second sock. I'm suffering a little bit of Second-Sock Syndrome here, but I'm trying to push through the with the knowledge that once this one is done, I get to try toe-up socks. It seems to be working pretty well..Look!:

I have made it through four of seven sections of Summer Flies. Progress has been quick so far, but is getting slower the more stitches I increase. I love how it's turning out so far, though, and can't wait until it's finished. I love working with Berocco Ultra Alpaca- it's so soft! There was one place where it was spun really tightly, but I worked through it, and now we're back to nice, normal, beautiful yarn:

The boyfriend has promised me an FO photo shoot this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some posts for the FO Fridays to come!

This is a part of Tami's Ami's Work in Progress Wednesdays. Head on over to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. You're making such good progress on your sock - hope you finish soon (I'm just doing my first toe ups at the moment!) Summer Flies is looking very pretty

  2. I love the shawl!

    I've always thought that ribbed socks look ridiculously funny when not on a foot, because the cuff is all squished and the foot is all huge, lol!

  3. That shawl is really pretty!

    Can't wait for the FO!!

  4. What a pretty pattern Summer Flies is! And it looks like the pattern gets really lacy soon, so maybe that'll go a bit quicker.

  5. I had to sneak on over here -- LOL, that is the same yarn! How do you like working with it?
    Is it bad I'm suffering second sock syndrome and I have another one to make with this yarn and pattern? (Because the first "first" sock failed.) :p

    The shawl looks beautiful! :) Have fun with your FO photo shoot!

  6. I love the Summer Flies pattern. Sounds like wonderful yarn.

  7. I love the stripes on those socks, and that shawl is going to be awesome, it's such a sweet, soft colour and I love the delicate-ness of the pattern.

  8. Can't wait to see the shawl on Friday! Your new one is gorgeous. I love the stripes on the socks.

  9. The second sock is always the hardest. I like the Summer Flies (boy it sure does.) I've done shawls like that before. I always start thinking "oh this should be quick" but once those stitches start increasing it slows down a lot!

  10. I made socks out of that same yarn :-)

    Your summer flies shawl looks terrific. I made one of those recently and gave it away -- I might have to make another one for me. I know what you mean about the rows getting longer, it did slow down, but it was totally worth it for how pretty the shawl came out.