Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dog Update

I showed you Ani, but anyone wonder what's been happening with Mia and Napoleon? No? Well, either way, they've been looking pretty adorable lately.

My mother's latest fix for Napoleon's constant-freezingness is a hooded sweatshirt:

Yes, it looks ridiculous, but at least he seems to be a little warmer. Here's a side view:

And for anyone who is fooled by that innocent looking face, this is what the vets have to do every time Napoleon visits:

He tends to lunge for hands, throats, or whatever he can get to. He was banned from PetSmart Grooming after we tried taking him to get his nails clipped there once. My mother bought the muzzle in hopes that she can cut his nails herself at home.

In Mia news....

She's been working on her begging skills:

She's staring hopefully and longingly at my mother's food. I'm surprised she doesn't get a crick in her neck!

Here's a close-up of those pretty brown eyes. Notice the nice bow; she had just gotten back from the groomer when the picture was taken:

She is very satisfied after she is indulged with a snack:

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