Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

My mom’s mitts are coming along nicely- The first one is done (except for the thumb) and the second one is coming along quickly. These are a super-quick knit, and they turn out looking so pretty. They have a cabled look without the cables!

My Truly Tasha’s shawl is also looking good. I’m not going to bother putting a picture of this up, because really, the picture looks pretty much the same from week to week, just a bigger triangle! At this point, I’m almost done with the third ball (which will mark the half-way point of the shawl!) I have been having some issues with this shawl, however. First of all, the tips of my Knitpicks nickel-plated size 5 needles are really sharp! I tend to push the needle through the loop with my left index finger. I was not pleased when I realized I was starting to get a hole in my finger from the needle! Rather than stop knitting, I’ve been using a band-aid while I knit. I’m hoping a callous forms soon so I can knit bare-fingered without pain!

The other potential problem I’m encountering with this shawl is that it’s getting big! This is a good thing because it means I’m making progress, but it also means that it will soon be too big to take places with me. This has been my travelling project because it’s so simple and requires so little attention- once it gets too big, I’ll have to find a new travelling project.

Last but not least, my swift finally arrived* so I was able to wind the yarn and get back to knitting my Pipp’s Openwork Eyelet Scarf. The second skein is a little less purple than the first, and you can tell where one skein ends and the next one begins; however, I don’t think anyone will notice but me. The knitting part is done, but I still consider this a Work-In-Progress because it still needs the ends woven in and a good blocking.

This post is part of Tami's Amis WIP Wednesday. Head on over to see what everyone else is working on!

*By the way, if anyone is interested, I’d be more than happy to post a review of my swift!


  1. The scarf is looking good. I put the shawl pattern in my faves. Thanks for the link.

  2. Which swift did you get? I'd love to here your thoughts. I got my Knit Picks swift for Christmas and love it but find when I go from a skein to winding it into a hank on the swift, it has an issue when it gets weighted down. That being said, I still love it!

    I can't wait to see the scarf blocked. The color is amazing, and you're right, no one will notice but you on the slight color change.

  3. Nice work! That is just yummy purple yarn.

  4. try a leather thimble for your finger. Love the purple yarn.