Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Snowmaggedon Sweater (And Other Knits)

I've been working on getting the Hey, Teach cardigan going- I figure that, by the time I finish it, it will be the proper weather for it anyway. I'm calling it my Snowmaggedon Sweater since such a large portion of it was knit during these last two snowstorms.

I'm making the size XS. I started with the small, but it was looking huge! For some reason, I keep messing up and getting the wrong number of stitches when I'm working the lace, and have to keep ripping back- it's incredibly frustrating.

I'm also working on a pair of socks for my mother's birthday. Like me, her feet are always freezing, so I thought a pair of wool socks would fit the bill perfectly. However, she almost only wears black patterned socks- so I'm forced to knit with fingering-weight black yarn. I'm really not a fan of knitting in black, since I can't see my stitches, but I suppose I can do it for her...

I'm adapting the lace pattern from the Meret- it seemed like it would look really pretty on a sock, and it's so easy to follow! You just move the yarnovers every other row. I wish I could show you a picture, but I can't get anything near a decent photograph of a lace in black yarn.

Alright, back to the needles- I've got some more knitting to do!


  1. Ive been considering that pattern for a while. Can't wait to see yours done

  2. I love the color. You know you can never have to many socks. Let's hope the snow is Over!

  3. That's a great color! I tried that pattern, but I also kept ending up with incorrect stitch counts so I just threw it down in frustration. Maybe I'll try it again. Are you knitting it in all one piece to the armholes?

  4. The incorrect stitch counts were driving me nuts, too- but since I had done the rest of the body, already, there was no way that I was giving up at that point! When I started shaping the armholes, I just started counting after every row to make sure that I had the right count- it was tedious, but took way less time than ripping it all out. The trick is not to do a yarn over or a decrease when there's not a decrease or a yarn over, respectively, to go with it- but that's way easier in theory than in reality! You have to pay such close attention to the shaping.

    I am knitting it in one piece to the armholes. I cannot for the life of me seem to get this seaming thing right, so I knit in one piece as much as I can to avoid it.