Monday, July 13, 2009

Mostly Moved in- And Knitting Pictures!

I’m almost done setting up the new apartment. The kitchen is unpacked, the bedroom is unpacked. I have a bed, a table, a desk, and a few chairs, although I’d really like a sofa. I’d also like to know where I stuffed a few things while unpacking too quickly and not paying attention.

I took a few knitting pictures for y’all the other day. However, I took them before I got most of the furniture, so while all the other blogs out there have pictures of WIPS lovingly draped over a table or other piece of furniture, specifically chosen to show off that piece of knitting, my pictures are on the floor.

The St. James sweater is close to being finished. All I have left to do is knit one more sleeve, seam the undersides of the sleeves, and then knit the neckline.

I’ve also started working on a nice, basic scarf pattern for the Red Scarf Project. For those who don’t want to click, the Red Scarf Project provides scarves to foster kids who are supporting themselves through college. They send out care packages, and this is one of the items in them. It gives me a chance to try out some scarf patterns I've been waiting for an opportunity to knit.

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  1. I hate moving... sweater looks good, that's a lovely shade of blue